Computer Forensics Institute Association

The Computer Forensics Institute Association is a non-profit organization.

The Association was established to spread knowledge about computer forensics among enthusiasts, youth, and students as well as state institutions and law enforcement. It supports free access to knowledge and deals with non-profit education of the Polish market in the field of spreading good practices and the latest knowledge and solutions.

Mission, vision, and goals:

  • Popularizing knowledge through education in computer forensics and introducing new good standards in handling electronic evidence is the primary goal of the Institute of Computer Forensics.
  • By bringing together computer forensics experts, lawyers, and enthusiasts, Computer Forensics Institute Association is able to present shared resolves to computer forensics issues.

The main goal of the Association is free-of-charge popularization the knowledge of securing, analyzing and pointing out electronic evidence, and the possibility of their use in the judicial process or intra-corporate investigation.

  • At the same time, the Association is not involved in any commercial forensics cases or analytical processes. It doesn’t have its own forensic laboratory. 

The main objectives of the Association:

  • Easy and free-of-charge access to knowledge
  • Promotion of knowledge in the field of computer forensics
  • Integration of experts and enthusiasts
  • Networking and collaborative solving of problematic issues
  • Identifying legal problems faced by experts
  • Cooperation with the judiciary and law enforcement authorities
  • Supporting the conferences in the role of institutional partner
  • Offering training and seminars free of charge
  • Participating in scientific projects including publications and reviews, research, surveys, and statistics.