CIA’s Top 10 Stories of 2016
Interested in taking a peek into our X-Files? Want to know more about Hamilton’s spy on the inside? Curious how to make invisible ink? Then you’re in luck.

This year’s most popular stories on have a little something for everyone.

From tributes to our unsung heroes who lost their lives in service to their country, to the surprising truth behind who was the first to crack the ENIGMA cipher (hint: it wasn’t Alan Turing), our articles have covered a lot of topics.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Top 10 stories, and we can’t wait to surprise you with more untold tales, little know wonders, and heroic endeavors in 2017!

* * * * *

#10. Bush as Director of Central Intelligence:

#9. The Spy Catcher: Jeanne Vertefeuille:

#8. Who First Cracked the ENIGMA Cipher?

#7. Remembering CIA’s Heroes: Leslianne Shedd:

#6. Secret Writing:

#5. The Spymaster’s Toolkit:

#4. The Mystery of Jane Wallis Burrell: First CIA Officer To Die in the Agency’s Service:

#3. Minutes and Years: The Bin Ladin Operation:

#2. The Legend of Hercules Mulligan:

#1. Take a Peek Into Our X-Files:

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